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Our Approach

A fee-only advisor, Directional Advisors uses a WholeHuman approach. While we bring significant expertise and industry leadership to bear on investment management, we recognize that you are more than just your money.

Goals-based wealth management is about first understanding you.

Goals-based investing

Goals-based wealth management is about using financial markets to achieve your goals. That requires us to first understand you and your unique objectives; only then can we best leverage our investment expertise.

Risk control

While markets can be powerful tools, they are not tame. There are moments when markets can erase years of hard-earned rewards. Understanding risks in the context of your goals is a critical component of our approach.


You are more than just your money. You want to leave a mark on the world. At Directional Advisors, we can help guide you in effective philanthropy, aid in training your children in the responsibility of inheritance, as well as coordinate tax, estate, and business planning.

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