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Franklin J. Parker, CFA

Franklin is the founder and chief investment officer of Directional Advisors.

A CFA charterholder and active researcher, Franklin is an international speaker and author of dozens of peer-reviewed articles and trade publications, including the 2023 book with Wiley, Goals-Based Portfolio Theory. In 2016, he was the winner of a Quora knowledge prize, and in 2017 Franklin was recognized by the National Association of Active Investment Managers for his work incorporating business cycle analysis to help individuals achieve their goals.

Franklin serves on the advisory board of the Journal of Wealth Management, and his written work has appeared in Enterprising Investor, Forbes, Financial Planning Magazine, RealClear Markets, CityWire, Foundation for Economic Education, HuffPost, Journal of Wealth Management, Journal of Impact & ESG Investing, Journal of Behavioral Finance, and many others. Franklin also served as the market analyst for 90.9 KCBI news in Dallas.

Since beginning his career in 2007, Franklin has been dedicated to helping investors of all kinds achieve their goals using financial markets.

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